1) Long Screws x 4

2) Blue bag of silver screws and nuts

3) Surf Truck Adapter

6) Rear Rail Adapter

7) Medium Screws x 4 

8) Black Nuts x 4

9) Tall Riser Pad

Tools (Not provided):

4) 3M Allen Wrench (or T-Tool)

5) 14mm Wrench (or T-Tool)

Your kit will come with additional screws, nuts, and risers, but this is all you need.


Trust us, this isn't a process you want to attack without a glance at the directions. It is important to follow the directions because if certain steps are done in the wrong order you'll get stuck due to clearance issues, have to undo things and go back to the beginning. Here we go:

On a table, put the board on its side with the nose pointing towards you and the grip tape facing your dominate hand (right in the photo).

Remove the front truck. Use the 3M Allen wrench on the head of each screw and the 14mm wrench on the nut. Turn the screw counter-clockwise.

Put the 4 screws and 4 nuts to the side. You will use them later.

Once you've removed all 4 screws/nuts, pull the front truck off the board.

Remove the two thin riser pads still stuck on the board. Put them to the side you'll be using them later.

Grab the blue bag of hardware and Surf Truck Adapter.

Grab one of the hex-head screws out of the blue bag.

Insert it into the Surf Truck Adapter so the head becomes flush with the lower section of the Adapter.

Align the Surf Truck Adapter with your front truck. Make sure its oriented as pictured, not backwards. If you're confused about which way your truck should go, look at the rear truck.

Grab a silver nut from the blue bag and hand tighten it onto the screw.

Repeat this for the rest of the screws. Its helpful to rotate the top of the Surf Truck Adapter to access certain screws.

Once you have all 4 nuts hand tightened, take the 14mm wrench and tighten them. Make sure the screw heads are properly flush.

Alternatively, using a T-Tool can make this step quicker.

Once everything is tightened and you've verified that the screw heads are flush, you've successfully installed the Surf Truck Adapter to your front truck.

Next, grab the two thin riser pads and line them up with the Surf Truck Adapter and the truck holes on the deck.

Grab the same screw that was originally securing your front truck. If you're unsure which screw to use, use 4 of the long screws.

Grab one of the black nuts that was originally securing your front truck. Hand tighten it.

Use the 3M allen screwdriver and 14mm wrench to tighten the screw / nut. Repeat for all 4 screw / nuts.

Ensure everything is tight. If it looks like this, your front truck is now complete.

Orient your board on its side, leaning against a small item, with the grip tape on the tail facing your dominant hand like this:

Use the 3M Allen and 14mm Wrench to remove the 4 screws / nuts.

Pull your rear truck off of your board. Note that with the motors it is heavy and once removed from the deck it will become unstable, so do so carefully.

Remove the two thin spacers. Put them to the side.

Place the deck grip tape down, with the rear truck sitting directly on to the deck.

Grab your rear truck adapter. Hold it precisely as seen here in the photo, with the flat side to the right, and the holes of the left piece further from you than the holes of the right piece.

Take the tall spacer and line its holes up with the holes of the rail adapter. Note the orientation of the font.

Grab just one of the thin spacers. Line its holes up with the tall spacer.

Take one of the long screws, that you received in your adapter kit, as seen to the left below.

Take the long screw and pass it through the left section of the rail adapter, tall spacer, and thin spacer.

Repeat this process for all four screws.

Carefully slide the rear rail adapter with the 4 screws under neath your rear truck as pictured, passing the screws through the rear truck base plate.

Grab four of the black nuts. Hand tighten them onto the four screws, being careful to ensure the screws don't fall out.

Once you've hand-tightened all four nuts, use the 3M Allen and 14mm Wrench to tighten them. The T-Tool may be helpful here.

Slide the thin riser pad between the rear rail adapter and deck.

Elevate the entire board or hang the tail off the edge of a table, so you can access the deck's rear truck holes.

Take one of the medium screws, as seen to the right below.

Pass the medium screw through the deck, thin riser, and rear rail adapter.

Take one of the black nuts and hand tighten it to the screw.

Repeat for all four medium screws / black nuts.

Re-orient the deck on the side, with the grip tape facing your dominant hand.

Use the 3M Allen and 13mm Wrench to tighten the four screws.

If your rear truck and rail adapter look like this, you've completed the install correctly.

Now you're ready to ride!

Additional tips:

-Start slow, this will be a much different ride than you're used to.
-You may want to tighten both your front and rear trucks as you get used to the Surf Truck Adapters.


Surf Truck Adapter Kit B2B



Surf Truck Adapter Screw Kit



Surf Truck Adapter Kit B2C



Front Surf Truck Adapter



Rear Surf Truck Rail Adapter



Blue Bag of Surf Truck Screws



Surf Truck Riser