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A Riptide motor is made up of 3 basic sub-assemblies:

    1) "Mounting Plate" - this part stays still - secured to the motor arm with 4 motor scews

    2) "Motor Can" - This black cylindrical piece spins in place. The Drive Shaft is connected to it

    3) "Drive Shaft" - This is the thin metal axle the extends from the motor. The Drive Pulley sits on the end.

If your motor is wobbling its likely due to 1, 2, or 3 being loose (in that order of likelihood). All are easy to fix.

To check for #1, follow the directions to Check and Tighten Motor Screws (link will open in a new tab).

If you find you are missing motor screws or you've tightened them and the motor still seems loose, please send us a video from the angle below, with the drive wheel, belt, and belt cover removed. Show us how the motor is loose in the video and send it to with the subject "Loose Motor Video". Make sure the video is under 20MB and has open access (if on Dropbox or Google Drive, make sure anyone can view it). Please mention in the video that you have attempted to tighten the motor screws.

This is the proper angle to take the video from. We need to see if the the Mounting Plate is loose or the Motor Can is loose.

To get your board ready for the video, follow the directions in the Belt Removal How-To (link will open in new window).